Sarah began riding dressage when she was just 12. She was a working student through her teenage years, gaining valuable experience in and out of the tack. Sarah has attended clinics with top dressage instructors including Gerhard Politz, Debbie Bowman, Racheal Saavedra, Conrad Schumacher and Steffen Peters. She was one of the youngest participants in the USDF Instructor Certification Program and also participated in the Advanced Young Rider Program.furio

In 2004 she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Ag Economics and Business at Texas A&M University. In 2005 the move was made to Virginia to attend Virginia Tech and l1001948pursue her Master’s in Animal Science, researching Equine Biomechanics.

At Virginia Tech, she was Assistant Manager at the school’s large Sporthorse breeding facility. Sarah was immersed in warmblood breeding, genetic evaluation, and young horse training. This provided exposure to some of the top breeding and furio2training barns in United States and allowed networking with equine professionals all over the country. Sarah’s thesis research investigating conformation changes in growing foals, helped develop a keen eye for conformation as it relates to adult potential in foals as well as performance potential and soundness in adult riding horses.


After graduating from Virginia Tech Sarah moved to beautiful Central Virginia to become the head trainer and manager at a privately owned facility; Rhapsody Farm. During that time she had the opportunity to spend over a year working almost daily with Debbie Bowman; Grand Prix rider, USDF Certified Instructor Program Examiner, USET Rider and German Licensed Bereiter (Debbie Bowman Dressage). This was a fantastic opportunity that resulted in enormous growth in both Sarah’s practical dressage training skills and theoretical understanding of the discipline. Debbie’s classical system and care for the horses as individuals strongly influenced Sarah’s approach to horse training, management and development.


Back in Texas, Sarah spent 4 years utilizing her understanding of equine biomechanics and vastly improving her understanding of how to maintain sound athletes through a job at the Texas A&M Large Animal Hospital in the Equine Lameness department. Sarah was blessed to spend her time there working for one of the best equine veterinarians in the United States, AAEP Hall of Fame Member, and good friend and mentor, Dr. Kent Carter.

In 2012 she went back to teaching and training full time. Sarah’s focus is on the classical development of horses and riders. She prioritizes the health, happiness and longevity of each horse; allowing them to develop a solid correct foundation before moving up the levels. Always put the horse first! This approach has proven itself by producing competent and successful riders who are achieving their goals in and out of the show ring.

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