Our Team

We have a GREAT team in place to keep our horses feeling and performing their best!



Sarah is proud to be a County Saddlery sponsored Rider. Hilary Watson of 214 Saddles fits Denali Sporthorse’s horses and riders with exceptionally balanced, well made and correctly fitting saddlery. We love our County Saddles!



Triple Crown Nutrition offers the absolute BEST in feed for performance horses. Every horse that comes into our barn quickly shows the benefits of improved nutrition. High fiber, low starch feeds with Triple Crown’s amazing pre and probiotic keep our equine athletes looking and feeling excellent.



Brice Woolard – FarrierBrice1

Brice takes excellent care of our horse’s shoeing and trimming needs. He also works professionally with our lameness veterinarians and the Texas A&M University farrier, Jason Maki. Brice is also a talented musician and an awesome father! Brice is an integral part of our team!