Frankie Wylie


Sarah Denham of Denali Sporthorses has become an integral part of our daughter, Ella’s, training. She’s been there for us every step of this journey, since we first reached out to her for help with a green horse we were hoping to have as our daughter’s eventer. After being in training with her for two months it became clear that horse was not for our ten year old! Sarah held our hands through the selling and buying process and made what could have been a very painful and sad process a delightful learning experience. She provided support and guidance to a reluctant ten year and somehow managed to get her excited about the prospect of having a new mount!

After helping us sell the horse we had in training with her, Sarah walked us through purchasing our next horse. She talked with us about what to (and not to) look for, certain terms that were red flags for the type of horse we were looking for, and provided us a list of all the questions to ask. Through Sarah’s experience and guidance we were able to purchase a horse that truly was the perfect teammate for our daughter.

The training and instruction Ella has been giving by Sarah is unmatched. She’s so positive with her instruction and is able to keep our daughter focused while having fun. It has been amazing to watch our daughter grow as a rider in such a short amount of time. Sarah is not just our daughter’s instructor, she is also her mentor in all things equestrian!

What makes Denali Sporthorses and Sarah Denham so different is the relationship she establishes with both horses and humans alike. A relationship based on trust, encouragement, and devotion. We watched her patience with a green horse; saw just how much it meant to her to find our daughter the perfect horse to help her grow and reach her goals; and she showed us that above all else the safety of the horse and rider was her top priority. Sarah’s professionalism and dedication to helping our daughter become a better rider and horseman is priceless.