Gwen Levine

I got Sarah’s name and contact information for one of my co-workers who strongly recommended her to me when I expressed interest in trying riding again after a 13-year break.  From the start, Sarah put me at ease and has helped me be the best rider I can be.  Her lessons are filled with positivity!  Instead of telling you the 20-million things that you are doing wrong – she tells you the few things that you can change in your body to improve you position and communication with your horse.

After about a year of riding weekly with Sarah, I asked her to find a horse for me.  And she pretty much found me a unicorn who is a perfect match for my current ability and can take me where I want to go.  She matched our personalities well and found me someone fun but very steady and patient.  I could not have found a horse on my own.  The process was amazing – it was fun – and I learned a lot.  Sarah is always willing to answer questions.

Sarah has built her business from the ground up and she is always making it better – she is the embodiment of a dressage rider – a thoughtful, careful, perfectionist always looking for ways to make improvements.

Whenever I read an article that lists the qualities of a good instructor – Sarah ticks every checkbox.  She believes that any horse and rider can do dressage.  She works tirelessly to help you and your horse improve with every session.  She is adaptable – if an explanation of an exercise is confusing, she describes it a different way, if a horse doesn’t understand what is being asked, she helps the rider evaluate how they are asking and looks for other ways if need be.  Sarah’s goal is for every horse and rider to reach their full potential at their own pace and to always be building on a solid foundation.  Sarah works hard to improve herself as a rider as well, taking clinics when she can with horses in training.  We can always learn at least one thing from someone else and I have learned an immeasurable amount in working with Sarah.  Every day, I am grateful that I have a trainer that I trust implicitly and look up to as a role model.